Once the Users are created, Deepser allows you to organize them into Groups.

Groups are intended as work groups of backend user (Key-User, Agent, Admin) or End-User. A user can be part of several groups.

In Deepser, through groups, you can manage two fundamental aspects: record assignment and visibility.

Record Assignment

Once the group configuration is complete, records can also be assigned to groups.

For example, in the Service module, we can define the assignee group of a request.

Once the group has been selected, even the select-box with the users assigned to the record is automatically filtered according to the members of that group.

Records Visibility/modification/deletion permissions

 Deepser allows you to filter, according to the groups to which the user belongs, the resources he can access.

It also allows you to define which permissions (visibility, modification, deletion) on records have the different teams of users within the modules they can access.