Multi Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication is a protocol that has become a standard for secure access to web-based applications.

Deepser natively supports email-based Multi Factor Authentication or the Multi Factor Authentication based on TOTP protocol, which allows you to generate a random time-based code that must be entered after logging in with username and password.

In Deepser it’s also possible to see the login attempts (both failed and successful) of users, this activity history will be available in the “Authentication Request” section.

MFA access via email

Once a user enabled for 2-factor authentication via email will log in to Deepser will be shown the screen below where he will be asked to enter a random generated code, which will be sent to the email of the user registered to the system


Once a user enabled for Multi Factor Authentication via TOTP logs in to Deepser, the following screen will be shown where they will be asked to enter a random code, generated by the Authenticator application linked to their Deepser account.

Note: Once the user is placed in the group or groups enabled for Multi Factor Authentication by email it will be automatically enabled, instead Multi Factor Authentication via totp needs an additional configuration step that will be described in the appropriate guide that can be found by clicking this link

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