Companies in Deepser

As mentioned in the introductory article of this lesson, companies have an important role in managing visibility.

In this article, we will analyze in the Deepser entities the ways in which the Corresponding Companies are associated.


Companies in Deepser can be both assignees of a ci and owners of a ci.

If the company is assignees of a ci (figure 1) then it means that the users of that company or of the subsidiary companies will be able to see and interact with that ci  (place  there is no limitation of visibility for groups defined at the level of cmdb).

If the company owns a ci (Figure 2), users of that company will be able to see and interact with the ci in question.

Note that the visibility of the ci is evaluated in “or“ between the owner companies and the assignee companies


Companies play a fundamental role in ticket management as  they are evaluated by Deepser to determine which tickets will be viewed by a  given  user (End User), however if  the  user in question is not a  Company  Supervisor or an Empowered User  and is an End User, it will only see the tickets created by him, also Agents, Key Users and even Administrators could be limited to view the company datas, in this case they will see only the tickets created by their company in the user portal and in the backend.

Contacts and CRM items

In Deepser you can associate a company with an account in the CRM, or create a company from a CRM account.

The Accounts in the CRM serve as an address book and allow you to enter contact information related to the company.


In Deepser it is possible to create contracts and associate them with a company, it can be  the owner (Fig. 1) or  assignee of the contract  (Fig. 2), in this way it will be possible to automatically manage the costs  related  to a supplier company  or the costs related to the assistance lines, for example it is possible to automatically manage the total number of hours of assistance and the total number of hours spent by a customer company.

For a more in-depth analysis of the contracts in Deepser  please check  the corresponding section of the documentation; to go to the corresponding section  click here.