Email Domains

In Deepser you can associate a domain with a company.

In this way, when Deepser receives an email from an unregistered user but with a domain associated with a company, Deepser will associate automatically that email with the correct company.

Add an Email Domain to a Company

To add an email domain, you will need to go to the menu: System -> Company

At this point, we click on the company to which we want to associate the domain or domains.

To this point we go to the “Email Domains” field, here we click on the “+” button.

In the text field that will appear we enter the domain in the form: “domainname.ext” for example: “”.

Now is possible to proceed in the same way for all the domains that we want to associate with this company.

Once finished, you will need to click on the “Save” or “Apply” button.

In the company will be saved, and the emails received from these domains will be associated with the company.