Groups Creation

To create new groups in Deepser, or manage existing ones, go to the menu item Group Permissionsà Systemà. This menu is accessible only by Administrator role user.

At this point the main grid of the groups will be shown.

To add a new group click on the button (top right, circled in the picture) ‘+ Add Group‘.

At this point the group creation form will open.

The fields of the form have the following meaning

NameThe name of the group, displayed inside the select-boxes and grids in the system.
StatusIndicates whether or not the group is active in the system.
EmailThe group email (if any), to send automatic notifications to the email box dedicated to the team.
LevelThe level of support of the group. It is a useful number for Service Desk measurements and automation. For example, if you want to measure the working time of all top-level support teams, set level 1 to all top-level support groups in your organization.
Company VisibilityA user who belongs to a group with this field enhanced sees only the data of his company or sub-companies. In the case of a user with User type, this field is by-passed, because the user sees only the data of his Company.   Note: the same field is also present in the individual user form, so the system will first try to apply the setting at the user level; if it is not set, apply the setting at the group level.
DescriptionThe description of the group. Data used to keep internal notes on the configuration or meaning of the group.