Authentication Requests

The Authorization Requests section will show all successful and failed attempts to access Deepser for users enabled for Multi Factor Authentication.

To reach this section you will need to Go to the System -> Tools -> Multi Factor -> Authentication Request menu.

Below is a brief overview of the default fields and their meaning:

UserThe username of the user who tried to log in 
Session IDThe session id of the user who attempted to log in 
AreThe status of the authentication request 
Generated AtThe date and time the request was generated 
AttemptsThe number of attempts made in the request 
Last Attempted AtThe date of the last attempt, this field will be populated only in case of multiple attempts. 
StatusThe status of the authentication 
Updated AtThe date the request was last updated 
ActionThis field will open a summary screen of the request information 
New TabThis field will open a summary screen of the request information, but unlike the previous field it will open the screen in a new tab