TOTP Configuration

In this guide we will see how to configure Multi Factor Authentication via TOTP

To do this we will have to go to the My Account section, to do so it will be necessary to go to the section placed next to our username in the upper right corner of the user portal page:

Here we will have to go to the “My Account” tab.

Or in the upper left corner of the backend portal.

At this point, whether we are working as a user portal or as a backend portal, the following screen will appear:

Here we will have to go to the “Security” section to go and associate our TOTP application.

Please note: if the security section is not visible means that you are not allowed to use MFA, in this case you need to contact your administrator.

The following screen will appear here:

Now we will have to scan the Qr code shown by Deepser with the Autenticator application that we prefer, once this is done it will be possible to enter the code in the “Code” field and click on “Verify“.

If the procedure was successful, a success message will appear as in the following screenshot:

From each subsequent login you will be asked to enter the code automatically generated by our Autenticator application to confirm the login.

Note: You will need to enter the code no later than the time indicated on the application itself.