In Deepser, roles are used to define which resources the user will have access to.

We can exemplify the concept roles manage Vertical visibility in Deepser, that is, the visibility of the modules presents in the sidebar

The Main Roles in Deepser and the predefined roles

The default roles in Deepser are:

AdmininstratorAdministrators Users in Deepser, are users that have global access and bypass the limits of visibility in the backend, in addition to them have faculty to modify the grids and form templates. This is the only role that has access to the system configurations and the System tab.
Super AdminSuper Admins are users with Administrator role who have set “All” in the resource visibility section. This role is the only one that has access to scripting areas.
AgentsThese Users have the right to modify the grids and form templates, but they do not have access to the scripting areas or even to the modules placed in the System tab. For the rest by default, they have global access to all other modules.
Key UsersThese users are comparable to Agents users, but unlike the latter they have no ability to modify any system configuration, including grids and form templates.
UsersThese are the end users, as a rule, these users do not have access to the backend but only to the end user portal. Since they do not have access to the backend, they cannot change any system configuration or even see the tickets that have not been opened by them. If there is a need for an end user to see tickets not opened by himself, he can be modified by setting him as a Company Supervisor, in this case the user will be able to see all the tickets created by his company. Alternatively, you can configure the user as empowered user, this will give him visibility even on tickets not belonging to his company.