Company Supervisors

Company supervisors are end users who have visibility on all tickets of their company, thus bypassing the limitation of visibility regarding only the tickets requested by them.

Users can be created as Company Supervisors from the beginning, or they can be promoted later.

Below we will explain the procedure for promoting a user to a Company supervisor, to create a user from the beginning please refer to the guide regarding the creation of a user.

Promote a user to Company Supervisor

To promote a user to a company supervisor, you will need to go to the System -> Permissions -> Users menu

From here, it will now be possible to access the users’ editing by clicking on an existing user.

In the screen that will open select “Is Supervisor” and set the value from “No”

to “Company Supervisor”

At this point, click on the “Apply” button or on the “Save” button

Finally, the modified user will be a Company Supervisor.