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Entering a WorkLog

This guide will explain how to create a WorkLog for an Operation.

1 – It is possible to access the “Activities” section of Operations through the User Portal or Backend, if properly configured.

1a – Through the User Portal, simply select the Operation on which you want to add a comment, from the right grid.

1b – Through the Backend it is necessary to open the Service module through the drop-down menu, and select All to visualize all the Operations. Finally open the Operation on which you want to add a WorkLog.

2 – At this point, scroll down to the Activity section, where comments and Work Activities are visible, and select the WorkLog tab.

2 – To add a WorkLog, click on Add Activity.

3 – The form for inserting a WorkLog is shown below

The meaning of the fields is as follows:

Started AtIndicates the day and time when this activity began
StatusIndicates the status of the Activity
DurationIndicates the duration in hours and minutes of the activity , this parameter can be used in reporting to calculate the total working hours.
DescriptionThe text with the description of the work activity, formatted with images and structures such as tables, etc.
Created ByIndicates the creator of the activity , it is automatically filled with the current user who is entering it.

4 – To save the work activity, simply click on the green checkmark in the upper right corner.

5 – The result is as follows