Chat Rooms and Moderators

Deepser chat allows Key User, Agent and Admin to create Rooms .

Channels are spaces where multiple users can communicate, usually about a particular topic.

Let’s proceed with the creation of a channel.

1 – Press the Room creation button

2 – Enter a Name for the Room , and the list of participating users, then press Add room .

3 – Press on the three dots at the top left, then Edit Room.

4 – The channel editing menu will be displayed, with the possibility to add Moderator users.

This table describes the permissions of the room creator, moderators and end users.

 End User Moderators Creator
Edit/Delete RoomThey cannot create rooms or become moderators, but they can be added to a room .BothBoth
Edit/Delete MessagesThose of which it is senderAny messageAny message  
Add/Edit ModeratorsNoNoBoth
Remove the Creator from the ChannelNoNoNo

Note: As can be seen from the table, no one, not even the creator himself, can remove himself from one of his channels.