Configure a Public Chat Widget

Deepser allows a website integration with the frontend chat, thanks to a dynamically generated script based on the parameters entered.

1 – Go to System->Chat ->Widget Configuration, then press ‘Add Widget configuration’.

2 – The widget configuration form will open, fill in the fields with the requested values, then Save.

This is the meaning of the fields:

NameSets the name of the widget
DomainsSets the list of domains, from which it is allowed to call the widget, through the script
PositionSets the position where the widget will appear (bottom right/bottom left).
ColorSets the color of the widget.
TextSets the text that will appear in the bubble icon to open the widget.
Website NameSets the name of the website that will appear in the widget
Welcome TitleSets the welcome title that will appear once a user opens the widget for the first time.
Welcome TaglineSets the welcome subtitle that will appear once a user opens the widget for the first time.  
Can Send AttachmentsAllows the user to send files in the chat.
StatusThe status(Enabled/Disabled)
TokenIt’s the string that identifies the external implementation of the chat widget, it is automatically set when saved.
Widget ScriptField generated dynamically when saving, containing the scripting code, to be inserted to integrate the chat externally.

3 – Once saved, the token and the Widget Script will appear. This is the script to insert on the site to integrate the chat; copy the code by clicking on the scripting area.

3a– Enable Backend and Frontend to run in frame, in System->Configuration->Admin->Allow Backend to run in frame and Allow Frontend to run in frame

4 – insert the code on the page where you want the support widget to appear.

5 – If the integration was successful, the configured widget will appear at browser cache refresh.

6 – To enable groups to mange public chat messages, go to System->Configuration->Chat->Configurations, then set some groups in Public Chat Enabled Groups.