Creating an Account in the CRM

The following guide addresses the issue of creating an Account in the CRM, explaining the meaning of the standard input form fields.

1 – Open CRM – Account, Via CRM -> Account

2 – The following fields will be displayed in the Insert Form:

The meaning of the fields is as follows:

NameThe Company Account Name
KindIndicates the type of Account
Parent AccountAllows you to Establish a hierarchy between different accounts. He then manages Divisions and Corporate Headquarters. For example, an ACME Account may be parent of ACME Italy and ACME France.
StateEnable or Disable L Account
Linked CompanyField that maintains a reference to a Company present in Deepser Companies. (See the section Buttons)
Owner UserAllows you to specify the Account Administrator.
WebsiteMy Account website
PhoneYour Account Phone Number
FaxFax of Account
IndustryArea of Account Reference
EmployeesNumber of Employees
Satisfaction RatingCustomer Account Satisfaction Level
LogoAccount Logo Image
NotesAdditional Notes
TaskTask Related to Account