Creating a Contact in the CRM

The following guide addresses the issue of creating a Contact in the CRM, explaining the meaning of the standard input form fields.

1 – Open the CRM and Select the type of contact concerned, via CRM -> Contacts

1a – The insertion form consists of two sections:

  • Contact: Contains contact details
  • Contacts: Contains contact details such as phone number, email, etc.

2 – The following fields will be displayed in the Contact Entry Form:

The meaning of the fields is as follows:

NameName of the Contact
SurnameSurname of the Contact
SalutationAllows you to Pin the greeting with which Refer to the contact (e.g. Lady or Miss)
StateEnable or Disable L Account
DepartmentThe Department to which the Contact belongs
QualificationThe status of the Contact
ManagerAllows Specifying a Contact Manager
SourceIndicates the source from which the Lead was generated
RatingCustomer Account Satisfaction Level
Associate userAllows Associating Contact to a System User on Deepser
TaskTask Related to Contact

The Contacts tab contains the followingfields:

The meaning of the fields is as follows:

EmailEmail of the Contact
TelephoneNumber of Fixed Telephony
Mobile phoneNumber of Mobile Telephony
FaxFax of the Contact
AddressAddress of the Contact
CityCity of Contact
ProvinceProvince of Contact
CAPCap of the Contact