Creating an Opportunity in the CRM

The following guide addresses the issue of creating an Opportunity in the CRM, explaining the meaning of the standard input form fields.

1 – Open the CRM – Account, Via CRM -> Opportunity

2 – The following fields will be displayed in the Insert Form:

The meaning of the fields is as follows:

Expediency                TitleThe Company Account Name
State Indicates the type of Account
Typology BusinessIndicates the type of Opportunity
AccountIndicate the reference account
ContactingIndicates the reference contact
DescriptionAllows you to enter a description of the opportunity
User OwnerAllows to indicate a user owner of the Opportunity
SourceIndicates the source that generated the following opportunity
Loss ReasonIndicates the reason that led to the loss/renunciation of opportunity
Amounts    AmountSpecify the sum of money that could generate the opportunity
Budget Confirmed Indicates the confirmation status of the Sum
ProbabilityIndicates the probability of obtaining this sum
Step  Next Step TitleIndicates the title of the next step needed to get the opportunity.
Next Step DescriptionIndicates the description of the next step needed to get the opportunity.