CRM Lists

In the various models present in the CRM are included several fields of list type, an example is the Source of the Contacts of the CRM.

All these lists are present in the system configuration, and therefore are freely customizable.
N.B.: The article superficially deals with the issue of list management. To find out more, see the appropriate section of the Academy.

Here are the lists used for the various models:

  • Account
    • Industry(crm_account_industry): Reference Account Sector
    • Type(crm_account_type): The type of Account
    • Satisfaction(crm_account_satisfaction): The Customer Account Satisfaction Level
  • Contact
    • Rating(crm_contact_rating): The evaluation of the Contact
    • Source(crm_contact_source): The source of the contact, so how it was obtained
  • Opportunity
    • Business Type(crm_opportunity_business_type): The type of Opportunity
    • Source(crm_opportunity_source): The Source of Opportunity
    • Loss Reason(crm_opportunity_loss): Indicates the motivation that led to the eventual loss of opportunity
    • Status(crm_opportunity_business_status): Indicate The custom status of Opportunity_status

Lists are editable in System->Configuration->Tools->Lists