Create an escalation rule that is based on a metric

In Deepser, you can configure an escalation rule based on a metric.

This allows you to perform actions in Deepser for example when a ticket is not assigned after a certain time from its creation.

Configuring the rule

For this example, suppose we have a “Time to Respond” metric already configured, it will have as a start condition that the ticket status is “New”, and as a Stop condition that the state is any other state that is not “New”.

To configure a new escalation rule, you will need to go to the System -> Service Configuration -> Escalation Rule menu.

Here you will need to click on the “Add Rule” button.

Now the following screen will open:

At this  point  we configure the “Name” field as “Set  priority high for non-assigned ticket after 1 hour”.

We set the field “Model Alias” to “DeepService – Operation”.

Now we configure the Level to zero and Next Level field to one, that is, this rule will process all the tickets in zero state and also update the Level to avoid double processing entity.

At this moment, we set the field “Cron Expression” Every 5 minutes using the drop-down menu located below the field itself.

As the last step of this first phase, click on “Save” or “Apply” to save the rule.

Configuring Query Builders

Now configure in the newly created rule the query builder “Escalate all Records with following Timer values (applied after the Main Filter)” like this:

At this point, we have to configure the query builder “Set Records values to” like this:

Finally, we can click on “Save” or “Apply”.