API Company

The Company entity is used to manage companies in Deepser.
Companies can be only created by Administrators that can access the Company Module.
Agents and Key Users can only retrieve the Companies.
End Users cannot access this resource via API.




Here we list all the permissions by user role regarding the API:

 AdmininistratorAgentKey UserUser
Actions AllowedRETRIEVE


Here we list all the fields of the entity to describe their meainings in Deepser:

entity_idThe unique ID to identify the record.
nameThe name of the Company, that will be displayed on the select-boxes in the system.
parent_idThe field “Parent” can contain the name of another company. If the Company has a parent, it means that we are configuring a sub-company (a branch of the main company). Think about an international corporation that has some local branches (eg: the head office is in the US and some branches in Europe). Thank to the Parent field we can create a hierarchical structure of maximum 2 levels to define companies in the system. The Parent concept can be eventually extended to more levels with a customization but the default configuration of Deepser allows 2 levels: in most cases it is enough to describe a company structure.
If we try to add more than 1 Parent level, the software returns a blocking error in the company form.
descriptionDescription of the Company.
statusIf the company is disabled it will not be displayed in the select-boxes.
mailbox_idThis field is used to define that all the emails sent to users of that organization will be sent by a specific mailbox.
This field is rarely used and has the aim to send emails to a specific company from a pre-configured email address. If not set Deepser will use the system settings to send emails: the emails will be sent from the default outgoing mailbox, or, if the record has a specific mailbox set in the field “Outgoing Mailbox”, Deepser will use the specific mailbox only for that records.
logoCompany Logo.
addressCompany Address.
cityCompany City.
stateState / Area.
countryCountry of the company.
zip_codeZip Code.
primary_contactUser of Deepser that is marked as a primary contact for that company.
phoneMain phone number.
notesInternal notes.
formtemplate_idThe form template ID used by the record. Please refer to the Formtemplate ID guide of Deepser Docs.
updated_atLast update date of the record.
created_atThe creation date of the record.