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Form Template Configuration

In Deepser you can change the structure of a form-template quickly, through a simple and intuitive graphical interface.

To access the configuration interface of a form-template click on the “pencil” icon (visible only by users with Role Administrator or Agent) in the upper left area of each Form Template.


The configuration interface contains the configuration data of the Form Template, and the components that define its structure displayed in a tree.

From here you can change the name of the template after its creation.


By clicking on the ‘Edit Rules‘ tab you can assign a priority to a template and define the loading rules.

Priorities and Rules define the template to be loaded dynamically when creating a new record. The priority defines the order in which the templates will be tested, in sequence, until one is found whose condition, expressed through the rules, is verified.

In the following example the template is assigned a priority of 150 and the query builder expresses the rule: this template should only be loaded if the Category1 field is ‘Network‘.