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Configuring Portal Groups

Service Operation Configuration Overview

In order to correctly display help desk services on the portal, the Portal Groups, Portal Request and Portal Operations must be configured correctly.

The following guide aims to create a new service Group Training, in which it will be possible to make training requests, and then make it visible in a customized grid.

The meaning of the areas is the following:

Service GroupIndicates the group to which a certain type of service belongs in the portal. For example, requesting a new device is part of the IT Support group.
Service RequestIndicates the type of ticket that will be created. For example, the request for a new device is part of the ‘Requests’ type.
Service OperationsShow All tickets that are configured to be visible to the current user. There may be multiple grids to simplify the view, for example, the grid for open tickets, the grid for tickets being processed and the grid for closed tickets.

1 – Access to the item ‘Portal Group’ from the Backend of Deepser, through Sistem ->Portal->Group

2 – Add anew group on the portal by clicking the Add a portal Group button.

3 – Enter a name, the position where it will appear among the portal groups, visibility in the portal and status, as active. Finally save the new group.

Note: Portal Requests does not show any value because portal requests still must be configured. Moreover, if not visible, the field Portal Visibility, must be dragged inside the template form through the pencil-shaped edit button on the top left (to learn more about the topic visit the appropriate section of the academy).