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Configuring Portal Requests

1 – To configure a new request, and make it part of a group, go to System->Portal->Request.

2 Add a new request on the portal by clicking the Add portal Request button.

3 – Fill in the Request creation form, and then click on Save.

The meaning of the fields is as follows

NameRepresents the name of the Portal Request.
TypeIt indicates the service type of the ticket that will be generated by this portal Request.
TemplateIndicates the Form template used when creating the request. It is advisable to create two templates, one for the creation, and a NO EDIT one to view the tickets created (for more information visit the dedicated section of the academy).
IconAllows you to choose an icon to be displayed in the portal next to the request.
Portal GroupsIndicates the group to which this Portal Request will belong.
DescriptionIndicates the description that will be shown under the request, this is useful to make clear to end users the purpose of this portal request.
UrlIt allows to transform the portal request to a link. So, if set, when you click on the request in the portal, it will not open a ticket, but the link.
StatusIndicates the status of the request portal(Enabled/Disabled )
Frontend VisibilityIf set to yes, it will make the request visible in the Guest Portal.

3a – After saving, the request will appear as visible within the group.

3b – In addition, the request will also be visible in the Users portal.