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Managing Tickets in The User Portal

The first function of the user portal is to allow Deepser end users to create and manage tickets.

1 – First of all login with your credentials to the user portal through the login screen

2 -Then select the interested group, and the type of ticket you want to create (in the example you want to create a request from the IT Support group).

3 – At this point, the ticket creation form will open, this must be be filled in with the interested values (in the example we ask for a new laptop), once filled in click on Apply.

3a – The meaning of the fields is as follows

CategoryThe category and the consequent subcategories of the ticket.
TitleThe title of the Ticket
UrgencyThe urgency is the ticket
Knowledge BaseField dynamically populated with all the articles that match the ticket title in terms of tags.
DescriptionTicket description

4 – By default, the created ticket will appear under the Open Requests grid, clicking on it you can see the details.

5 – Once opened, you can follow updates on ticket resolution, add attachments, comments, etc.