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Browsing the user portal

The Deepser user portal is made out several areas, the most important section of the page is functional to the creation and management of tickets, while the drop-down menu allows you to access the other features.

The meaning of the various sections is here described

Help Desk(Ticketing)Service GroupIndicates the group to which a certain type of service belongs. For example, requesting a new device is part of the IT Support group.
Service Request Service Request Indicates the type of ticket that will be created. For example, the request for a new device is part of the ‘Requests’ type.
Service Operations Service Operations Shows All tickets that are configured to be visible to the current user. There may be multiple grids to make it easier to view, for istance , the grid displaying  open tickets, the grid displaying tickets being processed and the grid displaying closed tickets.
CMDB, Knowledge Base, Password Manager DropdownAppears by clicking on the arrow to the right of the user, allows you to navigate through the other modules configured as visible in the user portal.