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Task Global Grid

The global task grid is a configurable grid that allows you to view all the tasks that have been created in the system. This can only be reached from the backend.

You can go to the grid from anywhere in Deepser in the following way:

At the top right you can find the 3 dots: by clicking on them you will see the Task items and the Work Activity item.

By clicking Task then we will access the grid that if not configured will show the following fields:

ActionThrough a floating window, the entity in which the relative task is contained is opened (for example, the ticket in which the task is contained).
IdThe numeric and unique id that identifies the task.
StatusThe status of the task.
TypeType of task.
Model AliasThe template that contains the task.
Owner UserThe user who owns the Task.  By default it coincides with the user who created it.
Assigned UserThe user who is assigned to perform the task.
Assigned GroupThe group that is assigned to perform the task.
Portal VisibilityVisibility of activity in the front-end. By default, tasks are not shown in the user portal.
Started AtThe date that indicates the start of the activity.
Ended AtThe date indicating the end of the activity.
Created byThe user who created the task.
Created atThe date and time that indicates the creation of the task.


The global task grid has preset visibility. In fact, a Key User or Agent user who accesses the grid will have visibility only in tasks that fall within at least one of the following cases:

  • The user created the task
  • The user owns the task
  • The user is assigned the task
  • The user is a member of the task assignee group

A user with an Admin role, on the other hand, will have visibility of all the tasks without any preset filter.