Email Integration

Email integation is a very important module for the organizations that adopt a Service Desk software, in order to interact with their customers and to improve the collaboration between team members.

Deepser is designed to provide a web platform in order to avoid a large number of email messages and so defining a shared and orderly way to manage a service.

It’s clear, however, that the email notifications to customers (or operators) can be a plus for our service.

In addition to set up a web portal, we can give other communication channels like emails to that users who want the “security” of an email confirmation after their request.

Fundamental entities of the Deepser email integration are:

  • Mailbox: the email addresses managed to send or receive notifications.
  • Events: talking about outgoing emails, an event is used to define when sending a notification.
    It is possible to define an infinite number of events to notify our users.
  • Templates: the templates (subject, body and layout) of the outgoing emails.
  • Messages: the email messages sent or received by the system. This entity it’s not directly visible in the Email module, because every message (and their attachments) are only visibile inside the forms of the entity they are linked to (eg: a message related to an Operation in the module “Service”, or an email sent about an asset of the CMDB).