Email Integration in Service Management

Emails are integrated into the operations of service management.

With the appropriate configuration of email events, messages are automatically generated to notify customers, technicians or operators.

Through the message subject Deepser can also recognize incoming emails that refer to an existing entity in Deepser and associates them.

In order to see all the email messages associated with, for example, a service operation and/or its related entities (Comments, Worklog or Task) there is a dedicated field, the Email List.

By default this field is added to the operations screen, in the Email tab.

From the Email List field you can understand which emails are incoming and which are outgoing.

Email List also shows: subject, date of receipt or sending, sender and recipients.

By clicking on the “lens” icon, you can view the message body.

Comments and Email

Most of the time you want that to each comment, added to a service operation, corresponds an email notification send to other actors. Deepser proposes this configuration as default.

If, for example, a technician in charge of the resolution of an issue needs more information from the user, he can request it by adding a comment inside the issue.

Deepser then sends an email, containing the technician’s request, to the user who will respond with the required information.

The user’s email will be “linked” with the issue and a comment will be created from its content.

The technician will receive a notification from Deepser containing the user’s response and will then be able to complete the issue resolution activities and close it.