Import Binding the Dates Values

In the example below, the ACTIVATION DATE column is converted to Database format and assigned to the Activation Date model field.

/*  the conversion is surrounded with a try-catch to avoid throwing exceptions */
    /*  a DateTime object is created from the format used in the import file */
    $date = DateTime::createFromFormat('d/m/Y', $value);
    /*  the field 'cust_activation_date' is set with the created date formatted in the Database
	accepted format */
catch(Exception $exxx){
    /*  any exception is printed to the import_device.log log file, if the file doesn't exist
	it will be created */
    Deep::log('value: '.$value, null, 'import_device.log');
    Deep::log('date: '.$date, null, 'import_device.log');