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Import Creation

1 – At first, start by choosing a name for the import procedure and the model of the entity to be created

2 – Then select the appropriate file extension, and if it contains an header, set “Header” to yes.

2b – if the file is a .CSV, configure the appropriate delimiters and enclosures (character used to end a line)

The field “Type” defines the file format.

It can be “CSV” or “XLS”.

These are the standard formats supported by Deepser.

As you can see in the example file attached below, each row will be treated as a single record to import, each column as single Model Field:

106545Apple Iphone XIMobilesSmartphonesActive15/03/2019LFC6370742
Scratches on the screen
INTODEEP srl4\euler
106546Datapower 45ServersPhysical ServerActive20/12/2019LEV6267443 INTODEEP srl4\riemann
106547Dell EM5000ComputersWorkstationsActive5/04/2020LF96128119 INTODEEP srl4\riemann
106548HP Pavilion 15SComputersLaptopsActive23/04/2020L8M6200959Noise coming from cooling fanINTODEEP srl4\riemann

Table1: example of an Excel File to import devices as CMDB Cis

3 – Remember to change the status to “enabled”, then click on the Upload button under  “path label”.

4 – After the upload occurred, Deepser will recognise every field name in the document header, if present, the next step is the binding process.