ITAM Agent to Remote Collector Conversion

To install a Remote Collector you need to have previously installed an Agent, which can be converted into a Remote Collector through some simple steps that can be done directly from the user interface.

Currently, Deepser offers two options to archive this conversion. Manually, using the interface, or automatically, using the ‘convert’ button.

Automatic Conversion

1- The first step to Automatically convert a regular Agent to a Remote Collector is to open the Agent form, through Asset > Device, then select the Agent you want to convert.

2 – Then, press the Convert to RC button, this will trigger the conversion request.

3 – A Dialog will open, asking for confirmation, click YES.

3b – The request will be sent, press Enable to get to the Remote Collector Grid.

4 – If the process finished without errors, the remote collector will be available, open it.

5 – To enable the Remote Collector to work in the network, click on the Enable button.

6 – If you want to Disable the remote collector, click on Disable.

Manual Conversion

Go to the ‘DeepAgent’ entry added to the Start Menu, by clicking on it the Agent user interface will open.

In the second tile, there is the interface for converting an Agent into a Remote Collector.

To convert the Agent click on the ‘Convert to Remote Collector’ button.

At this point go to the System>Asset Configuration>Remote Collector section of the Deepser back-end.

In the grid there will be a record representing the conversion request (from Agent to Remote Collector) sent by the device, the status of the request will be ‘Pending‘.

Click on the ‘One Time Password’ cell to copy the OTP directly to the clipboard, or open the request form and copy the content of the ‘One Time Password’ field.

Once the ‘One Time Password’ has been copied, return to the Agent user interface, and paste it in the text field on the Remote Collector tab.

Now the Agent can be converted into a Remote Collector, click on the ‘Validate OTP’ button to proceed, at this point the user interface will automatically close and the background conversion procedure will begin.

Once the conversion process is finished:

  • In System>Asset Configuration>Remote Collector section in the Deepser backend, the previously created conversion request will change from ‘Pending‘ to ‘Enabled
  • the start menu entry will be renamed to ‘DeepAgent RC‘ (RC = Remote Collector).

The user interface of the Remote Collector displays only the status of the service, all configuration tools and controls are accessible from the Deepser back-end under the section SystemàAsset Configuration.

At this point, it is possible to configure scan jobs that will be performed by the Remote Collector, which will recover data from devices connected to the network.