Ping Sweep

To configure a Job that performs a Ping-Sweep scan go to the System>Asset Configuration>Scan Job>Ping-Sweep section in the Deepser back-end, and click the ‘Add Ping Sweep‘ button at the top right.

At this point, the form for configuring a Ping-Sweep job will open.

Form fields have the following meaning:

NameName of the Job.
CRON ExpressionCron Expression, it is present in every type of scan, allows you to define the run interval of the job.
IP RangeIn this field, you can define the range of IP addresses to scan. You can indicate:•       One or more IP addresses•       One or more ranges of IP addresses•       One or more subnets, specified by CIDR notation
IP Range ExclusionIn this field, you can define which IP addresses should be excluded from the scan. The compilation rules are the same as in the ‘IP Range’ field.
Remote CollectorThrough this Select, it is possible to declare which Remote Collector will execute the Job.
Create DeviceBy this Select field, you can decide if you want to create in Deepser the Devices that represent the scanned IP addresses by marking them as ‘In Service’.
Change Device ServiceBy enabling this option it is possible to change the service status of a device.When a previously added device is unreachable, it will be marked as ‘Not in service’. This behavior also applies to the reverse case.
StatusState. If ‘Enabled’ the Job will be sent to the Remote Collector to be executed.
Job StatusJob execution status. It can assume the values ​​’Running’ during execution by the Remote Collector or ‘Stopped’.
Job progressProgress-Bar indicating the percentage of execution of the Job.
Run NowOnce the Job has been saved, using the yellow button on the top right ‘Run Now’ you can run it immediately.

Once the Job has been configured and executed, the Devices found during the scan will be visible in the grid in the Asset>Device section in Deepser back-end.