Service Operation Activities, Relations, Email and SLAs

The Service Operation fields are organized in Tabs. The default tabs are Main Data, Details, Closing Info, Activity/Attachments, Email, History, Relations and SLA .

In the following article, we’ll look at the meaning of fields integrated with other Deepser modules, those in the Activity/Attachments, Email, Relations, and SLA tabs.

To learn more about how each module works, see the dedicated sections of the Academy.


This Tab contains Comments, WorLogs, Attachments, Tasks, and offers the possibility of remote control via TeamViewer.

The meaning of the areas is as follows:

TeamViewerIt offers the ability to make a remote control session with the TeamViewer account configured on Deepser. At the end of the session there is a possibility to enter a corresponding workLog with the duration of the call.
ActivitiesIt is divided into comments and work activities. According to the selected Tab it is possible to insert a Comment or a Work activity.
TaskAllows you to enter and view all tasks related to the ticket.
AttachmentsAllows you to attach files and documents to the ticket.


In this tab there is a grid that shows all the email messages related to the ticket, complete with body, subject, date and information about the recipient and sender addresses.

Messages can be:

  • Inbound: Via email rules, these messages can generate Operation, or comments, etc.
  • Outbound: Shows all Mail Notifications generated by tickets.


In this Tab there is a grid that shows all tickets in relation to the current one.


This tab shows a grid with all timers configured to calculate SLAs.

However, the timers must have been configured correctly for Operations.