Service Operation Main Fields

The Service Operation fields are organized in Tabs. The default tabs are Main Data, Details, Closing Info, Activity/Attachments, Email, History, Relations and SLA .

In the following article, we will see the meaning of the main fields of an Operation, those present in the Main Data Tab.

The meaning of the fields is the following:

TitleThe title of the Operation. Usually a brief description.
CategoryThe Operation category. It is a fundamental piece of information for managing the assignment to the workgroups and for cataloguing the scope of the required activity in a precise manner.
StatusThe current state of the Operation. It is a fundamental data for the management of the life cycle of the request.
PriorityThe priority of Operation, as the perception of importance given by the operators who are working it.
UrgencyThe Urgency of the Operation, as the perception of importance given by the user who submitted it.
CompanyThe company requesting the ticket. It is automatically filled in according to the company to which the Requester belongs.
RequesterThe requesting user of the Operation. In case the ticket originates from an incoming email, and this email is not assigned to any user, it is equivalent to the address from which it was received.
DeviceDevice, among those present in the CMDB, to which the ticket refers.
DescriptionThe detailed description of the ticket, with any additional information.

Operation Statuses

Operation statuses are used by default to track the lifecycle of tickets individually.

Every Status belongs to a Class, a simpler logical grouping.
The default classes for Deepser states are the following:

OpenStatuses that belong to this class indicate that the request has not been resolved and has yet to be processed.
ClosedStatuses that belong to this class indicate that the request has been resolved, therefore the processing is finished.
DeletedStatuses that belong to this class indicate that the request has been logically eliminated, either because it was rejected or because of input errors.

The status field, by default, can take the following values :

NewOpenThe request has just been created and has not yet been processed.
In processOpenThe request is in process.
ClosedClosedThe request has been processed and completed.
ReopenedOpenThe request was previously closed, but reopened as a result of, for example, a non-resolving solution or a user complaint.
Stand-ByOpenThe request is on hold.
DeletedDeletedThe request was deleted logically, either due to an entry error, or due to a refusal by an operator, to continue processing.