Approvals Overview

By definition, an approval process is a type of workflow which comprises a series of steps that a work must pass to be approved.

The steps typically involve different departments and employees who review the work and either approve or reject it. When one department approves or rejects, the work then flows either back to the previous step for edits or forward to the next step for further approval.

Approval processes allow companies to create consistent, standardized work and standardized workflows help companies operate effectively to reach their business goals.

For example, imagine a new employee has joined your company.

She/he needs to have access to some application software and a workstation with a PC.

She/he can’t start working until you give her/him access to it.

Your supervisor set up an approval workflow and ask you to approve the approval process.

You can open your Deepser user portal at “My Approvals” section:

And the following screen will open:
In the next article we are going to see what there is inside an approval request.