Empowered End User

A question may have popped in your mind:

“How can an end user have visibility of an approval?”
“How can a supervisor choose between an end user and another end user?”

In order to approve or refuse an approval process, an end user must be Empowered End User or EEU.

The Empowered End User is a special type of end user created to solve this problem.
It’s an end user with a license, but not like the BACKEND user.

The Empowered End User, as licensed user, can have visibility for the approval process, in order to accept or refuse a workflow.

Note: the Empowered End User is an END USER without access to the backend portal.

In order to have the visibility for the other Deepser entities, the EEU must be configured as ACCESS USER.

As licensed user, the Empowered End User can approve or refuse an approval process.

To see a recap of the role inside Deepser, see this article.