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Activities – User Guide

Deepser is composed of several modules.
The module to register the activities done and to send comments related to Service Desk records is called Activities.
The Activities module collects all data of the activities related to a request and organizes those data into grids.

The Activities are always linked to a record of the system (an Activity linked to a Service Request or an Activity on an Asset, etc.).


To insert an activity, fill the form inside the request screen after having clicked the “Add Comment” or “Add Activity” buttons:


In Deepser we find two main types of activities: Comments and Worklogs.





Comments are used for the collaboration between end users and working teams, or internally between users of the working teams.
Comments can contain all the feedback requests, all the observations or all the notes about the request.
Comments are very useful to avoid the proliferation of emails when managing a service, furthermore, comments can be a useful tool for the end user to constantly communicate with the Service Desk team, avoiding emails and phone calls.
Comments can be visibile to the end user portal or not: to define that use the Portal Visbility field.





Worklogs are used to plan and register activities.
Worklogs allow to divide a request (Operation) into sub-tasks to assign (and report) all the necessary actions to complete a request.
Worklogs are a very useful tool to plan and they are used also to measure the workload and the costs of a service.
By their nature, worklogs are usually not displayed in the user portal but only in the back-end portal to be used by the service operators.


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