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Company Configuration

The module “Company” of Deepser lets you create the companies, or better, the organizations which users are part of.

Companies are used essentially to:

  • Limit Visibility of system data: users with data limited to their Company cannot see data of other companies. If a user is a supervisor, can eventually see data of its “company branches”.
  • Apply rules on metrics: different companies can ask resolutions for their requests with different deadlines. Divide customers into different companies is useful to measure SLA (Service Level Agreement).
  • Apply rules to manage the communication between users: we can choose, for example, to configure a Company Mailbox to send emails to that company from a dedicated mailbox.



Insert a Company

To create a new Company in Deepser, we can access the menu: System > Companies .


We can see the grid with all the companies. Click on the button upper on the right: “Add Company”.


We can see the form to insert a new company:


The fields have the following meaning:


Field Meaning
Name The name of the Company, that will be displayed on the select-boxes in the system.
Parent The field “Parent” can contain the name of another company. If the Company has a parent, it means that we are configuring a sub-company (a branch of the main company). Think about an international corporation that has some local branches (eg: the head office is in the US and some branches in Europe). Thank to the Parent field we can create a hierarchical structure of maximum 2 levels to define companies in the system. The Parent concept can be eventually extended to more levels with a customization but the default configuration of Deepser allows 2 levels: in most cases it is enough to describe a company structure.
If we try to add more than 1 Parent level, the software returns a blocking error in the company form.
Description Description of the Company.
Status If the company is disabled it will not be displayed in the select-boxes.
Mailbox This field is used to define that all the emails sent to users of that organization will be sent by a specific mailbox.
This field is rarely used and has the aim to send emails to a specific company from a pre-configured email address. If not set Deepser will use the system settings to send emails: the emails will be sent from the default outgoing mailbox, or, if the record has a specific mailbox set in the field “Outgoing Mailbox”, Deepser will use the specific mailbox only for that records.
Logo Company Logo.
Address Company Address.
City Company City.
State State / Area.
Country Country of the company.
Zip Code Zip Code.
Primary Contact User of Deepser that is marked as a primary contact for that company.
Phone Main phone number.
Fax Fax.
Notes Internal notes.



Link users to a Company

You can link a user to a company from the user form.
Identify the users of that Company and go to System > Permissions > Users




Company Visibility

The most important field to define if a user can see data only of its company is Company Visibility in the user form. Another important field is: Is Supervisor.


The Company Visibility field lets you limit the visibility of the data. If a user belongs to a Company he can see the data of all companies in the systen, unless we configure the Company Visibility field. If a user doesn’t belong to a company he can always see all companies’ data.
If we talk about users of type “User” (they can access only the end user portal) they can see only their data, so their user profile and their requests (Service Operations), where with the term “their requests” we mean the requests for that they are Requester User. For a User, then, the field Company Visibility is ignored.

End users (type User) can see their colleagues’ requests (Service Operations in which the Requester User belongs to the same Company) if they are marked as Company Supervisors. This is useful when we want to define that a user is a controller, so he can verify and edit his colleagues’ requests (think about a manager that wants to check the requests or to a designated contact person for a service that communicates constantly with our teams).

The field Company Supervisor is important to define the Administrators, Agents and Key Users that belongs to a Parent Company and can see the data of all branches.



The meaning a Company in the Service Operations

A key concept is that Deepser identifies the Company of a Service Operation as the company of the Requester User. The Company field, infact, is not saved in the DataBase, but it is calculated starting from the Requester.
For that, when we save a Service Operation with a Company, we intend the company is always the company of the Requester User.

In some particular cases it is possibile to customize the software (for example if we would like to link the Company to a different user field, like the Submit User or the Assigned To), but the software default behaviour is to calculate the company starting from the Requester User. This is an architectural choice to give preference to simplicity and speed up the configuration of the system.
However, with a customization it is possible to change this behaviour.

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