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First Login

After having installed the software with the easy to use “next-next-next” installer, Deepser can be accessed with a web browser.


Login to Deepser

To log into the software insert the username and password in the login screen.

login screen

Note: if the LDAP integration is active (Active Directory, Open LDAP, etc.) there is also a menu to choose the Domain of the user. The admin user created during the installation is not usually part of a Domain, so for the first login leave blank that field (if displayed).


It is possibile to access the system in 4 modes (roles), that vary on the type of the user:

  • Administrator: has complete access to the configuration of the system.
  • Agent: can manage records and access the back-end system, can modify some settings like grids.
    It cannot access the configuration of the system.
  • Key User: can manage records and access the back-end system, but cannot modify any settings.
  • End User: can only access the User Portal.

For further information about users, please visit the section Users

The first screen after the login (startup page) is typically the Dashboard. The startup page setting con be modified by the users configuration.


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