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Grid System

Deepser has a set of grids to display a list with data of the entities.
Some entities, like the calendar, are obviously not displayed in a grid:


The grid is also the main screen to access records and it is accessible in the back-end portal or in the user portal:



Deepser grids are a useful tool to organize the daily work and have some advanced features like:

  • Filters
  • Sorting
  • Export (css, xls, pdf, etc.)
  • Preview
  • Pagination
  • Mass Actions (actions applied to many records at the same time, avoiding to edit every record)
  • Creation of customized grids
  • Menu to change quickly the grid

To see the details of a record, and access the form with the fields just click on the corresponding row of the grid.




Grids can be filtered using a select-box (for coded fields, like the status) or using textboxes (for textual fields like the title of the request).
There is also a button to reset filters.
Once selected the filters, use the button “Search” to apply them.





Grids can be also be sorted by clicking on the header of a column. If that field is not clickable, it means that the grid is not sortable for that field. In those cases, we can ask the system configurator to add the option to sort that column.





We can export records by selecting the format and then clicking the button Export.





For some grids we can preview the record data.
In the requests grid for example, positioning the mouse over the field “Title” we can see a tooltip with the description of that field.





Every grid in Deepser is paginated, so we can choose how many records we want to display in a single page an we can also navigate the pages using the navigation buttons.




Mass Actions

It is possible to run massive actions on records (if the system administrator has enabled them), by selecting the checkboxes on the left of the row and then selecting the massive action in the list upper on the right (so, for example, we can delete a lot of records without accessing the single record forms).




Custom Grids

Deepser allows the creation of customized grids (only an Administrator or Agent with permissions can do that) to display different fields and filters (eventually with coloured fields or images).
It is possibile to change the displayed grid using the menu to change it upper on the left.




Quick navigation menu

If we select the “Open Menu” item in the grid menu we can see a quick navigation menu to change the grid.
If we have to change quickly the grid we can enable this menu.


We will see the menu:


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