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Main Screen

The Main Screen of Deepser contains all the information regarding the module selected in the Navigation Menu.
By default, the first screen showed to the user after the login is the Dashboard, where you can see the graphs to easure the quality of your service real-time.


It is possibile to edit the startup page for every user, following this guide: Edit User Startup Page.

To understand the details, the functions and the structure of the Main Screen of Deepser, we will take a look at the Service Module.
Click on the item “Service” in the Navigation Menu on the left, we will see the sub-menus with all the Service Types in the system.

Note: the item “All” is always present and it is used to access all the Requests, without filtering the Service Types.

Selecting a menu item, the main screen of Deepser will show a grid with the requests (Operations) in the system and visibile based on the current user’s permissions.



Deepser Grids System

Deepser has a screen organized into grids to view a list of all the records (some exceptions are the Dashboard and the Calendar modules). The Grids of Deepser sare very customizable and adaptable for every organizations’ needs.

For the first use of the product, the pre-configured grids of Deepser provide all the main functions needed by the organizations that adopt the software.


  • For an introduction of the powerful features of the grids of Deepser please read this section: Grid System of Deepser.
  • To learn more about the customization of the grids please read this guide: Custom Grids.

Clicking on a row of the grid, we can access the form of the single record.


Record Details

Deepser organizes the record details with a web form, in which we can find all the fields with the values inserted in the system.


As for grids, also for the forms the customization is very easy and powerful, but the pre-configured forms of Deepser provide all the main functions needed by the organizations that adopt the software.


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