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Deepser uses a set of scheduled processes to execute all the tasks that, due to their nature, must be continuously repeated.
An example is the email integration “IN”. We can define a Cron expression to schedule a task that reads the mailbox with regular frequency.
The menu System > Tools > Scheduler contains all the data to manage background scheduled processes of Deepser.

Let’s see briefly the meaning of every field in the Scheduler form.



Job Configuration

Contains the grid with all scheduled jobs of the system.
The most important fields are Cron Expression that identifies the Cron Expression with the execution frequency of the Job and the field Parameters that identifies all the parameters passed to the Job in JSON format. In our screenshot, the parameter 9 of the mailbox represents the ID of the mailbox record passed to the scheduled job. That way, Deepser knows that has to process only that specific mailbox.




List View

In this screen we can verify all the planned jobs.
It is also possible to delete or to run a job using the “Run Now” button (if it is set in the configuration) to force its execution.
It is important to verify always the last heartbeat that is the control job that manages the scheduled Cron processes.




Timeline View

Here we can see the scheduled tasks, in a “Timeline” format, more visual than the List View.





It has all the information to configure Jobs and some basic settings:


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