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What is Deepser

Deepser is the software to manage the service.


Service and Service Desk

With the word service we mean all the internal activities or the activities for the customers, done by one single person or by an organization, eventually in working teams.

Service Desk is an area where all employees can ask support for specific topics, report incidents or request new services.
It includes tools to track and categorize base problems, but can offer support to manage services following the best practice like ITIL or VeriSM.


Benefits of Deepser

Deepser lets you keep track of all the activities and offers a web portal to collaborate with your working team.
All the activites can be inserted by the operators (technical office employees, IT technicians, customer care agents, call center, etc.) or autonomously by the system using integrations (email, system monitoring, etc.).
Deepser is also a Service Desk software that makes available a user portal where customers and internal employees (or managers) of a company can insert their support requests.

Deepser lets you configure an infinite number of Service Types to manage the priority, the internal notes, the due dates, the assignment, the categorization, etc.
With Deepser, organizations can adopt a unique tool to manage their service requests, customer care service, technical requests or changes, facility service, etc. and provide a modern service web portal.

Using a unique tool to organize a service lets you measure the quality level of the service offered to your customers and to improve the work of your operators, that can easily find in the portal all the tasks they are assigned to and all the data to do efficiently their daily job.



Deepser is completely web, it means that evey computer with a connection to the server where is installed Deepser can access to its interface using a web browser.
Deepser can be installed in cloud or published on the Internet (for the organizations that want to share their portal with customers) or can be installed on the local network to be used internally in your infrastructure.
Deepser supports all the widely-used browsers on the market: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, etc.

This guide explains step-by-step how to configure and organize your service with Deepser.

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