Advanced Routing Configuration

You can also define routing rules by scripting.

Let’s say you want to write the previous routing rule using scripting.

To do this, we go to the menu: System -> Service Design -> Routing.

Here we will have to click on the “New Rule” button.

Now the following screen will open:

We enter as a name “Assign To Admin Every Incident”.

In the “Input (Script)” field, we enter the following code:

//if the current operation is an incident, return true else return false
    return true;
    return false;

In the field “New Values (Script)” we enter the following code:

//setting the Assigned username to admin, admin is the username of "System Admin"
//Returnning the model
return $model;

At this point, we click the “Save” button.

As a last operation on the main screen of the routing rules, we click on the “Disabled” inscription corresponding to the rule we want to enable.