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User Portal

Users with role User that logs into Deepser cannot access to the back-end system, but they can interact only with the user portal.

user portal

The user portal of Deepser is an interactive module, to help the communication with the external customers or colleagues that ask support for a corporate internal service.
Even a user with role Administrator, Agent or Key-User can access the portal, with the link in the User Menu in the left top corner of the screen.


User Portal Areas

The user portal is divided into areas to help the navigation of the software.

user portal areas

  • In the upper left area (1)there’s the Menu Bar.
  • In the left area (2) there are the request groups, where a user can choose the macro-area of the requests that can be sent to the Service Desk.
  • In the left area (3) there are the request types.
    The types are configurable on the back-end and can be visible to some (or all) user groups, companies or departments.
  • In the footer area (4) there are the grids with all the requests sent by the current user.

Note: the visibility of the requests is highly configurable and customizable. An Administrator can decide, for example, that some users can see only their requests or the requests of their company or corporate group. For further details on the portal configuration, please read: End User Portal Configuration.


Menu Utente

The user menu on the user portal lists some items to manage the user profile.

end user portal menu

  • Home: a link to the home page of the portal.
  • My Account: to change the user profile settings
  • Logout: to disconnect from the system


View the details of the requests

By clicking on a row in the grids, the user can access the details of his requests.


It is possible to configure the form of the portal, giving the ability to the user to modify some fields or insert comments to the record.


To learn more about the configuration of the forms inthe user portal, we recommend to read this guide: End User Portal Configuration.

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